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How is it possible that over a year has passed since I wrote a blog post?? Although I haven’t been blogging I have still been quilting....well, I took a bit of a break on that as well. I blame renovations, moving and ....well, if that isn’t enough to throw one into a frenzy I don’t know what is. So to get back some motivation I just started playing....and that’s one of my favorite things to do in the quilting world...JUST PLAY!!

All with just one pin!!

Judy Gauthier of Bungalow Quilting has a fabulous tutorial on setting in a full circle without glue and without pins...well just one pin. Not a bunch clipping going on either. I had forgotten all about doing it this way....just what I needed to get myself playing again.



It's all starting to come together. Some binding, a hanging sleeve and of course a label and I will actually have a finish. It's been a while!!!


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I love figuring out how all the quilted pieces fit together.


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It's a wide join that is pieced.....rather clever, don't you think!!

The Quilt Back

QAYG quilt backs are usually rather interesting. I don't usually put an awful lot of thought into them.....they sort of just happen. Quilt backs are a great place to play with improv piecing. My main criteria is that the colours work with the front of the quilt.....plus I like using fabric that I bought on sale. I sort of hate to use full price fabric on the back.



About those Rejections.....Just keep trying

As difficult as the those rejections are....it's all part of the process, if you want to submit your quilts. I have received more "Dear John" emails (as I like to call them) then I thought possible this year. Ouch...yes it hurts a bit, but I'm still standing and still rather confident in my work. So, with a 能上facebook的加速器type of attitude I submitted some more.

Maybe the past dozen or so plus rejections just made the two acceptance emails that arrived to today, just 上油管挂什么加速器!!!!


Shifting Impressions

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It's been a while....what can I say.

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I've been here on the West Coast since the end of April....and loving it. Of course I've been getting into all kinds of trouble in the quilting world.

It all started with this little box of lovelies by Denyse Schmidt that I found at Bib 'n Tucker

Lots going on

As you can see it didn't take me long to fill the design wall. How it will all work together beats me. But isn't that the joy of working improv???

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Calmest Christmas Ever

I'm not sure why but this has been my calmest Christmas season in years....I'm not even all that CRABBY. Perhaps the fact that we are not in the middle of a major renovation might have a little something to do with it. Or maybe that we didn't just move or have some other major event happen. This is the first Christmas Eve in my entire life that we actually have no plans. How lovely.......considering the fact that there will be fourteen of us for dinner tomorrow.

My husband spent the day in the kitchen preparing for tomorrow's meal........something he actually enjoys immensely (sorry, I just don't get that whole love cooking thing). Oh did I mention he actually likes wrapping presents as well.......I know, I know, I have it ridiculously easy.

So I spent my time setting up for tomorrow's sit down dinner for the fourteen of us. The biggest open space we have is the downstairs, family room/studio, so you guessed it.....time to convert the studio into a dinning room. Easy peasy......I am very much a believer that most of the rooms in the house have to be multipurpose.

Step One...roll out the sewing machine cabinet and drag in the four collapse-able tables.

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A couple of poinsettias later ......


Another multipurpose hint.....this is my cutting mat turned upside down.....perfect for the Christmas Puzzle! Not that I can put a puzzle together for the life of me. A few weeks ago, I told my six year old Ellie, that I was never very good at doing puzzles........her face lit up in surprise "Not even when you were a kid?" She asked!!! Hmm what is she saying?????

And yes, things are progressing rather well in the kitchen!!!

We have simplified a few things over the years....such as drawing names for gifts. No sending out Christmas Cards (whoops, I actually quit that forty years ago) and no deadline Christmas sewing (that's a big one for me). For me, when things are a little simpler, I enjoy them more.
I think one of our biggest highlights was watching our two six year old granddaughters at their school Christmas Concerts....we were both a bit teary eyed that day. Something so lovely and sweet about children's concerts.




Since this blog is about my quilting journey......I should probably share the bad with the good.  There has been a frenzy over on Instagram this week with everyone sharing the joys of having their quilts accepted and the sorrows of having their quilts, for lack of a better word "rejected". In my opinion it's an emotional experience either way, having experienced both sides of the coin.

My strategy for Quilt Con 2017 may well have back fired. In the past, I submitted three at most with the hope that one just might make the cut. So my reasoning this time around was the more one submits the greater the chances of acceptance....right!!!! What I wasn't quite prepared for was TWELVE "thank you for entering......but" emails.

It doesn't change the value of the work. In my case it will motivate me to pursue different venues. For some strange reason it doesn't really effect my confidence as an artist. But in all honesty it's never easy. Difficult as it may be, it really is part of the process. I just hope that it doesn't stop anyone from trying again or seeking a different audience.  

Hey...I will admit I was a bit thrown by receiving that many "rejections" in one day.



A Sketch Book of Sorts

Many quilters and artists have sketch books....I have tried, but have never been able to create a successful one that works for me. Others keep journals, again, I have never lasted more than a few entries. This blog has been the closest thing to a journal or sketch book I have been able to maintain.  So what do I do with all the creative, quilting ideas running around my head? I create quilt swatches or Works in Progress if you will. Trust me, I have piles of WIPs.  I think of these as ideas that are simmering.....some have been simmering for several years. Hmm.....maybe I'm just rationalizing but hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

These are a couple of WIPs that are over five years old.


These are my experiments with fusing.


I have added a little matchstick quilting.


The matchstick quilting, although easy, is pretty time consuming.


I have been having fun playing with my new iPad Pro.....just testing out some quilting lines. I have never tested quilting lines before....well, I guess there's a first time for everything.
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